Your contract caterer for Scotland

We are trusted, reputable and well established catering company with 30 years experience in hospitality. 

CEC use innovative technique in tandem with traditional values to deliver a high level of quality and service that you can trust.

We embrace new trends and industry advances to deliver consistent standard of quality throughout our purchasing and delivery systems.
Our procurement team are vastly experienced using their experience to achieve the best quality and prices for all levels of products from dry goods to fresh foods.
Working in tandem with local suppliers we choose the best fresh seasonal products on the market.     
Contact us to find out more information about our purchasing consortium and sign up to be a part of our group for better prices and a more reliable and regular service.

Job Opportunities

At CEC-Catering we are always looking for talented individuals to join our ever expanding team. We give every member of staff a full and in depth training programme in house certified by FLOW. 

To apply to be a member of our team, both front and back of house, please send us your c.v.

“Chris and his team have developed the coffee serve within their outlets investing in not only our quality product but on new machinery such as on-demand grinders and state of the art espresso machine. Offering their customers a consistent coffee, quickly. Chris and his team are keen to work with us in convenience solutions including coffee self service solutions,. We love working with the CEC team in delivering not only a great coffee product but profitable and sustainable solutions for all.”

Eric Witham, Sons of Amazon (October, 2019)