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Terms & Conditions

Whatever the business transaction we may have in the future, our terms and conditions of contract are designed to be fair to all parties and easy to comprehend. The specific contract agreement will depend on the nature of our agreement and scope of work for you.

All our contracts will contain the following commitments:

  1. The scope and range of the contracted work.
  2. The agreed duration of the contract.
  3. The break clauses in the contract.
  4. The specified standard of work to be completed.
  5. The remedy period for any deviation to standards of service.
  6. The level of insurance cover provided by Cost Effective Catering.
  7. The budgeted cost for the agreed service level.

In summary we seek to deliver our promises and to be dedicated to your needs and our contract terms will reflect these aspirations and protect the interests of all parties.

Finalised contract terms will included in all proposals and tender responses.