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Contract Catering

Contract Catering Services


The staff restaurant should be more than simply a place to refuel. At Cost Effective Catering, our catering outlets are more like retail restaurants, with an ambience and range of dishes that wouldn’t look out of place on the high street.

As with the best retail operations, we aim to engage customer interest by offering regular promotions and changing menus. Typically, our offering would be breakfast and lunch, Monday to Friday.  This can be changed to suit seven day operations or places where shift systems operate.

By creating an attractive environment, with delicious food and great service, we can maximise revenues, at an appealing price to the customer.

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CEC - First choice corporate catering company in Scotland.

Coffee shops

Café culture has revolutionised the humble British café. In place of stewed tea and weak coffee, we select high quality artisan coffees & teas and are happy to work with our clients to choose the correct hot beverage option that they desire. 

CEC - Your contract caterer, Scotland.

Deli bars

For many people, the deli and sandwich bar is the main source of lunchtime food. And Cost Effective Catering is pleased to provide them with exactly that. Whether it works alongside a traditional hot food operation or acts as a stand alone offering, the deli bar is a modern, attractive and cost effective way to give your employees a nutritious, delicious - and quick - meal.

We can create a number of different food styles, salads, breads and sandwich fillings. We also complement the savoury with a sweet selection of cakes and pastries. As we compete against an increasingly sophisticated high street, Cost Effective Catering deli bars are designed to provide a convenient, value-driven option for your workforce.  Deli bars - ideal for retail or corporate catering facilities throughout Scotland.

CEC - Corporate Catering for Scotland.

Retail concepts

Convenience shopping has been one of the great successes of retail. Just ask the big supermarkets who have created metro-style stores and collaborated with petrol companies on the forecourt. At Cost Effective Catering, our convenience offering may not carry thousands of product lines, but we do offer the same retail philosophy of carefully selected, quality products.

Our retail service includes gifts, stationery, newspapers, magazines, toiletries and ‘distress’ lines. The real benefit of this value-added service is that it can run alongside existing catering operations, without taking up any significant additional floorspace.

Whatever your retail requirements, CEC have a solution that's tailored to you. 

CEC - solving your retail or corporate catering requirements throughout Scotland.


Vending machines can be a valuable source of refreshment for the consumer - and a great source of revenue for you. At Cost Effective Catering, we provide corporate catering solutions in Scotland and we keep up-to-date on the latest developments in vending technology.  We offer machines that are efficient and attractive - and provide a great choice of drinks and snacks. We take care of all procurement and undertake to maintain the machines in top condition.

Vending is the perfect complement to your existing catering operations, providing refreshment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also offers a satisfying alternative to those times of the day when the full catering service is unavailable.

CEC - Corporate Catering Scotland.  Understanding your needs and providing quality solutions.


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